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Al SAHIL is focused distribution company that has a proven track record of driving significant growth for leading multinational companies

SPG Structure

Depending on the personal efforts which coming from a commercial scientific base in pharmaceuticals and medical appliances importing and marketing, al-Sahel pharma group (spg) was founded in 1999.
our company took place in Iraqi market by providing the good quality and the competitive prices of the imported goods which came from the international agencies that we got, our successful was not only for the Iraqi privet market but we aspired to get tenders with Iraqi ministry of health and we achieved this stage with them after we got their sureness in our quality.

لتبلبغ عن اي نتيجة سلبية او ضرر ناجم عن جودة او استعمال الادوية ، يرجى الاتصال على الرقم 07850010066 أو من خلال البريد الالكتروني
For any Adverse Event, Drug Safety Complaint, or Quality Issue call us on 07850010066 or email us at pv@sahilpharmagroup.com