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Esskahas a long and proud tradition in the manufacture of baby products. The company was founded in 1904 and from the beginning of the 1950s, we have our own production could offer pacifiers, infant's feeding bottles and other baby products to millions of Swedish children under the brand Esska.

The company started in Eskilstuna and in 1966 we moved to larger and better adapted facilities in Lidköping where we still hold to.

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Today belongs Esska one of the major players in the Swedish market in baby products teats, infant's feeding bottles, teats, bibs and drinking cups. With its own napproduktion in Lidköping together with carefully selected partners both in and outside Sweden, we can guarantee the highest safety and quality of our products.

Product development is something we prioritize along with a solid safety culture that runs through all our activities. The last few years we have invested heavily in design and currently works with renowned Swedish designers to always offer the best for all children and parents. All Esskas products are naturally BPA-free and contains no toxic materials. The fine colors we use are food grade.

Esskas products you can find in any store retail food chains and in many stores in the baby specialty stores.