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KonTam Pharmaceuticals (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd, founded in 1989, is a sino-foreign equity joint venture. Since its inception, KonTam Pharmaceuticals has been always adhering to high start and high investment in order to provide society with outstanding quality and efficient antibiotics products, by virtue of advanced pharmaceutical technology, scientific management and sincere service. Our company is one of the most prominent manufacturers of cephalosporins powder for injection in Guangdong, whose sales territories cover 28 provinces all over China and Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia etc.Presently, our company has 3 production bases, including KonTam Pharmaceuticals (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd (specializing in cephalosporins powder for injection and carbapenems for injection), Yongning Branch (specializing in oral penicillin solid agent), Chinese Medicine City of South China Branch (an EU-cGMP-certified company, situated in Modern Chinese Medicine City of South China). Based on an operational mode of research, development of production technology services and marketing as a whole, KonTam Pharmaceuticals lays a solid foundation for superexcellent products with high quality after-sale service network, complete feedback system of market information and scientific quality assurance system. Therefore, we are awarded a great many certificates of honour by Guangdong Pharmaceutical Profession Association.

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